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Modelos Berris entorno surf y beach ball.

About us

Welcome to Berris, the clothing brand that invites you to make a difference!
Our social and environmental commitment is just the beginning of a story that we want to share with you through unique garments, with personality and message.

Each Berris garment was made under criteria of social responsibility and helping people who are experiencing a temporary situation of vulnerability and have found in sewing their talent for making clothing and a dignified way to integrate into society.

With Berris, you will not only be wearing a unique and quality garment, but you will also be contributing to creating a fairer and more sustainable future for everyone.
Do you want to make a difference in the world? Do it from your closet! With Berris, you will not only wear stylish clothes, but you will contribute to a more fair and sustainable world. What are you waiting for to join our community?

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