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Berris is not only dedicated to creating her own line of ethical and sustainable clothing, but also collaborates with other brands to make garments with social and environmental commitment.

Berris is a clothing brand committed to sustainability and social responsibility in the production of garments. Since its founding in 2021, it has managed to establish itself as a reliable and ethical option in the fashion market, thanks to its artisanal production process and its commitment to fair trade.

Work in the workshop for the Spanish triathlon team.

However, Berris's work is not limited only to her own brand, but also extends to making garments for other brands committed to sustainable and socially responsible fashion. Two of the brands Berris has worked for are Austral and AppFashion.


One of these brands is the renowned top-level sportswear brand Austral, which trusts Berris to make kits for teams that compete at the elite level. The quality and commitment with which Berris works ensures resistant and durable garments that meet the needs of the most demanding athletes.


But Berris's collaboration is not limited to sportswear. She also works with AppFashion, a brand of elegant clothing for special occasions, with which she shares values and social commitment. In this way, Berris contributes to the making of unique and exclusive garments, which reflect the style and personality of each of AppFashion's clients.

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